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How does iface AI work?

You only need 1 portrait photo and 1 video to make a high quality face swap!

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Detect faces

The AI bot detects and identifies faces by running facial recognition software.

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Analyze attributes on the face

By learning the given information from detected faces, AI could analyze their specific features on the face.

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Reconstruct the 3D model of the face

Mimic the side profile and small detail features of the face by generating a renderable 3D face.

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Replace the original face

After every features are defined, iface AI will swap the new face in.


iface AI: Example of use

Case 1

Personalized Ads

Recreating an interesting commercial footage by replacing faces in the original one at no producing cost! You can be creative without over-spending any budgets

iface API

Our AI technology can be incorporated and tailored to suit different intention of uses in website services or applications.

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iface Studio

Few clicks and anyone can face swap. No professional knowledge needed! Video adjustment & face swap customization are supported for advanced users.


AI Face Swap App


Top app ranking in Entertainment category across 30 different countries

Face Swap app powered by the advancement artificial intelligence (AI-generated). Submit 1 photo and let the AI handle the swapping process, as easy as it seems.

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